Revert projects or folders to a previous state

The revert feature allows you to revert a project or folder to a previous state. This is particularly useful to aid recovery from ransomware attacks that have encrypted your files.

In the event that a computer is infected with a ransomware trojan such as CryptoLocker, as a precaution and to prevent any further encryption of your files, we recommend that you immediately disconnect the affected computer(s) from your network and attempt to remove the malware from the affected computer(s).

NOTE  The safest remediation may be to re-format the affected computer to ensure all remnants of the CryptoLocker trojan has been removed.

If your Workplace"Workplace" describes the Workplace service in its entirety. files and folders were affected by CryptoLocker, Workplace's data-retention and versioning control may allow you to revert your projects, folder, and files to a previous time before they became infected.

This article focuses on the Workplace revert feature, but you can to our topic on Previous Versions to learn about other methods of recovery.

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