Workplace Go for Android 1.0

Release Notes

We're excited to release Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. Go for Android 1.0, our all-new file sharing and collaboration experience for Android-powered mobile devices.

Go is a new mobile app currently available for Android and iOS. It introduces a wide array of new features and improvements:

Interface Enhancements

  • New Interface
    With an entirely new design to maximize the mobile experience, Workplace Go is more intuitive and powerful than ever.

Security Enhancements

New Features

  • Project and folder sync
    A full sync engine allows selection of which projects and folders to sync and store on the mobile device.
  • Multiple File Selection (batch actions)
    Select and perform actions on multiple projects, folders or files all at once.
  • On-Device Search
    Easily find files on synced to your mobile device with on-device search.
  • Multiple account support
    Easily switch between different Workplace accounts.
  • Offline actions & queuing
    Actions performed on files synced to the device while offline are queued and automatically sync when online. In the previous version, once the edit had been queued, the file would be locked and deny further editing. In Workplace Go, these files can be re-opened and edited multiple times once they have been queued.
  • Filename Validation As You Type
    Filenames are validated on-the-fly to avoid filename conflicts, even when offline.
  • Live Updating
    If the contents of a project or folder change while being viewed, Workplace Go displays an alert with the option to refresh the view.

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