Workplace Mobile 2.0.445 for Android

Release Notes

In this release, we're pleased to introduce Fingerprint Authentication support for Workplace MobileWorkplace Mobile is the Workplace application designed specifically for the various mobile platforms, providing access to Autotask Workplace. for Android.

Access to Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. Mobile is, in part, governed by policy profiles. If the Enforce Authentication policy, which requires user authentication to access Workplace Mobile, is enabled, and the authentication method passcode is selected, users who access Workplace Mobile via Android device will now be able to choose between a 4-digit passcode they create, or biometric authentication with Android's Fingerprint scanning technology, or their Workplace password. If no policies are applied, users can manually enable Fingerprint Authentication as their security setting within the Workplace Mobile preferences.

For more information about security policies, please refer to Select Policies.




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