2018.2.1 Service Update

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce our 2018.2.1 Service Update, which contains the following items:

Team Deletion Permissions Correction

Workplace ManagerWorkplace Manager is an online portal that allows resellers of Workplace services to manage their reseller account, as well as their client teams. users with TeamA team is an entity, usually a company, which subscribes to the Workplace service. A team is made up of members and connections. Administrator permissions will now be able to delete teams.

Manage User Access

The Manage Partner Apps page has been renamed to Manage User Access to more accurately describe current functionality.

UI/UX Improvements

We're pleased to include several user interface improvements and a series of enhancements to the Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. service to provide improved stability and performance.



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